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The Skin Lounge specializes in facial masks designed to perfectly fit the face contour [Fit-Pro technology]. We use rayon cellulose or hydrogel as the base of the mask, which is later soaked into a serum deeply enriched with vitamins and natural nutrients.
The result is a lightweight product with a soft texture and perfect adjustment to the skin which locks-in moisture and allows all nutrients to be rapidly absorbed, helping to hydrate the epidermis and to rejuvenate the skin tissue.


The Skin Lounge believes that the traditional skin care routine has to be reinvented to match our busy contemporary lifestyles. It is time to replace multiple products and separate treatments with the multifunctional effect of our masks, which provide all the nutrients and repairing agents your skin needs in one single application.
Forget about using auxiliary tools and easily indulge yourself in 15 minutes with The Skin Lounge, because integrated technology for facial care is no longer a luxury.


Our masks are infused with nutrients and natural extracts which produce a cooling effect that stimulates blood flow and relaxes facial muscles, helping to reduce the signs of stress and fatigue. Intense moisturizing effect helps nourish dull and damaged skin, while restoring its natural elasticity.
Our promise to you is that we use the best ingredients for your skin with cutting-edge technology and honest respect towards the environment. The Skin Lounge masks are PARABEN FREE and no animal-tested.